Going The Extra Mile

My child just joined the school and teacher Debi went the extra mile to help her catch up with others. Love how she even guided me to help her at home. My daughter loved her. We really appreciate her big heart and professionalism. She shall be greatly missed.

Margaret L Nyathi

Making a Difference

Our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the difference you have
made in our child’s life_
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you
and your staff have done to help Khensani. She’s gone from being
a very reserved child to being a confident, bubbly, focused little girl! You’ve helped build the foundation for improved learning achievement, focus and social  interactions. The impact of your help is so significant. It will help her for the rest of her life. I truly can’t thank you enough and will be forever grateful.
Much Appreciated!

Kgomotso Shiluvane

Caring Environment

Chartwell-Montessori Eco School has been great to my son’s development in a holistic manner, i would recommend to anyone who wants a safe and caring environment for their Kid(s).
The teachers really go out of their way for our kids and am happy with them

Monaheng Mrwetyana

Loving and Beautiful

Chartwell House is a safe, loving and beautiful Montessori school in the heart of Chartwell, Fourways. Your child will learn the beauty of what it is to be a part of nature as well as be surrounded by the beautiful Montessori environments. The teachers are well qualified, and are all devoted to make a difference in your child’s life.

Taita Jones

Inviting Gardens and Classrooms

The gardens and classrooms invites one to enter, a breath of fresh air allowing the children to capture a few rare moments of pure childhood. Allowing them to explore their curiosities, all children should be allowed to be educated like this.

Brenda Templeton

Back to Nature School

I would highly recommend Chartwell house. Heather Kreush is the owner-principal of this school for children from 18 months to Grade 7. It is an intimate back to nature school, with an international curriculum, where every child is important. The horse riding lessons from an award winning coach is a big plus!

Tracy Sischy

Growing and Guiding


Chartwell House Montessori provides an outstanding educational system and curriculum which captures the abilities of every learner. The highly qualified educators provide individualised attention in a loving and accommodative environment, which makes learning fun and the teachings easier to grasp for our little ones. Our kids have grown tremendously in their time there, not just intellectually but also personally as young individuals. Thank you Chartwell House for helping to grow and guide little minds into intelligent, responsible, caring, respectful young adults…

Natasha Maharaj

Amazing teachers


A big shout out and Thank You to all the amazing Teachers at Eco Monterssori, you guys are amazing with the kids.
My son has grown so much since his with you, his confidence levels has improved and his so happy at the school
Thank you for granting him the opportunity to join your chess club, he loves it. All the hard work and dedication from Teachers is highly appreciated
We really happy we joined Eco Montessori ❤❤ it really is one of the best schools ❤❤


Fantastic Support


Our daughter has been at Chartwell House since September 2020.
She is a very sensitive child who struggles with change, but the support we have received from this school has been fantastic.
The teachers are approachable, loving towards their students, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure your child loves being there.

The staff is open to feedback and works very hard to improve your experiences regularly.

Built on extensive grounds that homes horses, rabbits, and chickens, the natural feel of the school makes our daughter think it is her home away from home.

The school offers the Cambridge curriculum and Montessori pedagogy, which is a wonderful combination for children to learn naturally and at their own pace.

Our daughter’s teachers are her care-givers, not just educators.

This school would be a good choice if you want your child to have good memories of their time at school, while also receiving high-quality education.

Rushni Yang

A Solid Foundation


Montessori Eco School, where my 5-year-old daughter has been enrolled since January this year. The transformation we have witnessed in her over this relatively short period has been nothing short of remarkable, and we attribute this exponential growth to the exceptional learning environment provided by this institution.

Our daughter only began schooling in 2022, a decision we took due to the tumultuous circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, we were apprehensive about the potential learning gap she may have incurred due to this delay. However, the progress she has made at Montessori Eco School has completely alleviated these concerns.

The school’s approach to education, characterized by a strong commitment to individualized learning and child empowerment, has fostered a significant level of independence in our daughter. We have been pleasantly surprised by her development in areas such as problem-solving, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

The curriculum at Montessori Eco School draws from the principles of the Montessori Method, placing a strong emphasis on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. Equally impressive is the school’s dedication to nurturing the unique strengths of each child. For our daughter, this has meant an enhanced focus on her key strengths, enabling her to thrive in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Furthermore, the school’s eco-friendly approach to learning is commendable. The integration of nature-based learning experiences has not only enriched the curriculum but also instilled in our daughter an early awareness and appreciation for the environment.

As parents, we cannot express enough how delighted we are with the progress our daughter has made. The school’s dedicated team of educators has proven their commitment to the overall growth and development of each child.

In summary, Montessori Eco School has been instrumental in laying a solid foundation for our daughter’s academic journey. We are confident that the skills and values she has acquired will serve her well in the years to come. We look forward to her continued growth and development under their guidance.

We wholeheartedly recommend Montessori Eco School to any parent seeking a well-rounded, nurturing, and innovative educational environment for their child.


Learning and Growing


Montessori Eco school is a wonderful and unique place to learn and grow. The school has a beautiful and calming environment. They actively encourage recycling and green initiatives. The school is dedicated to providing students with a quality education and opportunities for personal growth, and my children love their school!


Riding School


Liandri has also now started riding at school ( Chartwell Montesorri Eco School ) where she is being coached by Shannon Smeddle who is a S.A Show Jumper Champion. In the 2 months Liandri has been with Shannon the results have hit the roof in liandris riding. Her riding has improved so much. Shannon is a amazing instructor, a person who takes the time to teach in a way that nobody else would ensuring that our children are focused and receiving only the best there is. Looking back to when Liandri started riding 1 year and 1 month ago and i look at her ride now, the focus, the confidence she has built up, i do not have enough words to describe how much it has changed her little life. To all the parents out there, take this oppertunity and this message and enroll your child/children with Shannon Smeddle, you wont be sorry. Its worth every sent, see your child grow in ways you have never thought it could be possible. Thank you Shannon for making my Liandri’s dream come true into being the best she can be. Proud To Be Part Of Chartwell Montesorri Eco School Riding School. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Yolandi Prince

At The Singing Forest each child is treated, cared for and loved as
an individual. Because of the small number of children, each child is given special
attention and the teachers make extra effort to engage us about our
daughter’s growth and life at school. It’s more than a play school;
children are equipped with the necessary skills for an easy tra s~ion
into formal school whilst having a fun-fille<l time.
We enjoy seeing our daughter grow by leaps and bounds each day
and we are glad we chose “The Singing Forest”

Thabie Lechesa·Leotlela

Juliet spent a wonderful year at The Singing Forest nursery school.
The teachers were always warm and friendly and treated Juliet like
she was one of their own children. They paid personal attention
to her and provided detailed and constructive feedback at the end
of each day.Besides being a homely and loving environment, the school also
provided Juliet with an excellent educational grounding. It was so good
that the teacher at her next school commented on Juliet’s outstanding
educational performance and that the school she went to previously
prepared her well.Juliet was extremely happy at The Singing Forest nursery school and
I would recommend it to anyone else looking for a nursery school for
their child

Claire Barnard

Heather and her staff from the Singing Forest have managed to
provide an environment that is nurturing, creative and inspiring!
It is always difficult finding a school that you can feel totally
comfortable with and at The Singing Forest they take a keen personal
interest in each child and their development. I would get daily
feedback on his activ~ies and suggestions and help w~h potty
training, feeding and ‘growing pains’. I was happily amazed w~h
how easily my son was integrated and how his confidence in himself
and his environment grew. The Singing Forest was like an extension
of our family and although my son has moved to “big school” he looks forward to holiday club
where he is able to go back to The Singirng Forest and spend time
with old and new friends!

Nicole Van Der Merwe

My son Dylan loved being at The Singing Forest, ~was his home
away from home. Heather and her team are a warm, loving bunch
of people who have fun with the children while teaching them.
The atmosphere and environment encourages learning whilst still
letting the kids be little people. I see now that Dylan has started
school how further advanced he is compared with other children
and how easily he interacts.I would recommend this school to
anyone that is looking for complete peace of mind that their
children are being taken care of as well as you would yourself.

Jessica Du Plessis

A Home Away From Home

As a prior homeschooling parent, I prioritised finding a school that would instill a love of learning and a respect for the student in their core values.

Chartwell House has been a home away from home environment for my kids aged 7 and 12.

I have found that the school provides a safe space for teachers, parents and learners to learn and work alongside each other in this dynamic world we live in.

Children are encouraged to thrive in their individuality spiritually, academically and personally.

Every day our kids are excited to go to school.

They are simultaneously challenged and nurtured.

The structure of the school allows for it to deal with all different types of personalities and learning styles, while challenging and respecting all students


The Right Place

Before we were ready to emigrate from Holland to South Africa – Johannesburg, we had to find the best school in the area near Fourways. We came across Chartwell House Montessori Eco school and were quite curious, so we visited.

We were impressed by the beautiful environment, the professionalism of the teachers, the open space classrooms and the friendly students.

We were sure this was the right place for our children to grow up and get the best out of themselves.

We also liked the idea of the extra mural activities, during school hours, our oldest son enjoys horse riding lessons, a perfect way to give him a break before his next class.

It turned out to be the best decision.

Our children go to school with smiles on their faces and I fetch them with the same happy spirit.


Well Organised and Structured

My Son Rico in Grade 3 and Zoe in preschool currently attend Montessori Eco School in Chartwell.

As a parent I am extremely happy as both children enjoy going to school. The school in my opinion offers well organised and well structured academic activities that help my children adapt easily. The teachers are very sincere and committed to their work. Both children are very enthusiastic and affectionate towards their teachers which is always welcome.
There is always very good open communication from teachers and office through their WhatsApp groups and emails.

I can strongly recommend Montessori Eco School as an awesome school for any age group.

Cindy J Pappas

Freedom and Togetherness

t’s been a true privilege to have my precious children learn, grow and evolve through time spent at CH over the past few years.

The love, care and dedication offered by the amazing teaching and management staff is a tribute to the care-giving and learning strategies used to nurture and grow children at the school.

The connectedness to nature and simple outdoor school lifestyle allows a sense of freedom and togetherness which is something unique and filled with positive benefits regarding the human, animal and nature relationships.

It is a lovely eco-system of many wholesome activities amongst strong learning systems which assist with the many developmental stages of children.

We continue to believe and grow in tandem with the Montesorri school ethos which is closely aligned with how we live, love and learn.

Donovan Naidoo

Educational Innovation

Kudos to Montessori Eco School in Chartwell, South Africa! Your school is an inspiring example of educational innovation. The Montessori approach, combined with a commitment to eco-consciousness, provides a unique and nurturing learning environment. Your dedication to fostering independence and a love for learning is one of the many reasons our children love your school. It’s heartwarming to see children explore and connect with nature while gaining invaluable life skills. Keep up the fantastic work in shaping young minds and nurturing our planet!

A Happy Montesorri Mom

We were looking for a school for our daughter that gave her a nurturing environment together with dedicated teaching and we found it at Chartwell House Montessori Eco School.

The school offers something very unique in its environment, where the children get to learn at their own pace. They also have fantastic activities such as horse riding, which our daughter has absolutely loved.

Thank you to Heather and all the wonderful teachers who have made Paige’s time at Chartwell House so very happy.

Louise Clements

The Best For Each Child

Driving into school every day, I would look at Nature all around me, listen to the birds as I got out of my car, watch the rabbits bouncing around and connect with the beautiful horses silently standing, eyes closed and munching, or walking quietly around amongst themselves. Their presence a constant reminder for me of the emotional connection horses have an affinity for.

Standing under trees in the mornings, greeted with hugs and warmth by staff and children alike as we bond and start our day, connecting with our parents through each child with love and care.

Chartwell offered me the space to practise my purpose of Living the Montessori philosophy with all the children in our environment daily, utilising all the beautiful materials created to facilitate this, and, in looking at leadership with the Montessori philosophy, which is my passion. I am grateful that I was able to do both – to observe our children living life and to aid them and facilitate their inner development through each one’s sensitive periods, and to assist and mentor staff to grow in their strengths and understandings together as a Team.

This is Life – to be present and mindful to create the best for each child in Love, joy, and to create the peace that Maria Montessori asked of us all to work towards

Debi Mc Arthur