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Community, mindfulness, respect, integrity, diligence

About Us

Montessori Eco Schools is registered with the GDE, ISASA and the South African Montessori Association. It caters for infants to grade 7, with a Cambridge high school planned for 2025. Located in the Fourways area of Johannesburg, South Africa, it consists of two campuses; Singing Forest (Babies to age six) and Chartwell House (Toddlers to Grade 7) and feeds into well-known high schools in the area.

We believe that children are born with an innate curiosity which, when supported and fanned into flame, unlocks their potential. Rooted in a strong set of Christian values anchored in respect, integrity, diligence and excellence, along with sustainability, conservation and respect for all living creatures, we are devoted to providing children with a nurturing childhood experience which lays a solid foundation for a healthy and robust future.

Our Story

Set within the Chartwell Conservancy, our 3 hectare campus features a labyrinth, miniature horses, an apiary of 10 working bee hives, a food forest, an eco pond, a wetland, climbing trees, jungle gyms, a sandpit and tame bunnies. From time to time we are visited by mongoose, hedgehogs, terrapins and crabs from the wetland, where we watch the red bishops nest and herons feast on their tilapia breakfasts.

Our aim within this beautiful natural setting, is to nurture the holistic development, peace and happiness of your child, so that he / she may thrive.

Well equipped with the full spectrum of Montessori equipment, learning becomes fascinating and a natural extension of the child’s curiosity.

With an emphasis on respect, integrity, community and diligence, we strive to help your child experience the truth that ‘life is beautiful!’.

Our well qualified and experienced team live out their calling daily by educating the children in their care in the most stimulating, hands on ways possible. Join us for an unforgettable schooling experience.

Montessori Eco Schools

Where children thrive!

Grounded in nature, with loving and experienced teachers, your child will receive a hands on, international standard of education. With an eco focus and opportunities to enjoy miniature horses, vegetable gardens, a labyrinth and extra-murals from robotics, to sport, to dance, the holistic development of your child is our priority.