Best School Montessori

Our Director


Our vision is to develop game changers who create a radiant future for the world. Our mission is to educate the whole child – awakening his full potential. “The child is endowed with unknown powers which can guide us to a radiant future. If what we really want is a new world, then education must take, as its aim, the development of these hidden possibilities.” ~ Dr Maria Montessori 

We are a school with a great dream. A dream of weaving together the fabric of a harmonious, productive society, that cherishes the environment, each other and sustainable progress. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, the celebrated physician and educator Dr Maria Montessori was intent on changing the world, one child at a time. Having lived through the destruction ravaged by two world wars, she strove to create a peaceful new world by supporting children in their holistic development to gain global perspective, vision, drive and respect for all life. Her dream aligns with that of the father of our nation, Nobel Peace Prize winning President Nelson Mandela, who lived to create a free society living in harmony. In his words, education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world. Their dreams are our dream too.

I invite you to partner with us in striving to fulfil them in our South African context, creating a ripple effect into the future.