Chartwell House is subscribed to LEGO Education Solutions for primary schools. Using LEGO bricks, tools and supporting lesson plans, children engage in a hands-on exploration of core.

STEM concepts and link them to the world. Teams of children work together to problem-solve and discover how science, technology, engineering and math come together. LEGO

Mechanics ignites natural curiosity while developing collaboration and critical-thinking.

Stimu-Zone computer studies include coding as well as reading and maths programmes, all of which build confidence in the use of technology.


Mini markets are held at school each month where children are given the opportunity to make, sell and purchase goods they’ve made themselves, from delicious edibles to colourful

wearables. Every few years, our schools collaborate to host a larger Montessori Eco Schools

Market Day – a fun day out for the family with an assortment of food, entertainment and produce stalls, all of which feature concepts and goods created by the children and families of our Montessori Eco Schools.


Featured on DSTV Schools Out! In 2019, our unique shweshwe multi-form is a feast for the eyes.

At Chartwell House the multi-form is compulsory and consists of a variety of uniform basics, which can be combined in different ways. It includes golf shirts, shorts, skorts, pants and dresses. The shweswe fabric is 100% cotton, original Three Cats Shweshwe, made in the Eastern Cape, the multiform is designed by Heather and hand-sewn by a local dress maker.

“Our multi-form incorporates shweshwe dresses, whilst allowing parents to shop for accessories at shops they can afford. What’s important to us is that the children are comfortable, that they’re free to move and learn, and can grow as individuals and human beings. The multi-form creates a sense of belonging and identity for us, but also allows flexibility and freedom of expression.” ~ Heather Kreusch, Principal, Montessori Eco Schools.


Our Montessori Eco Schools participate in on going charity initiatives to which the children contribute in many ways. They’ve brought ingredients to school and made soup together, serving it to the children in a local settlement afterwards, they’ve collected gifts and clothes for HOPE Worldwide in Kya Sands, sent goods to relief work, put together blessing bags for orphans at a neighbouring school and collected supplies for ARK Animal Shelter. It’s important to us that our children are empathetic, caring and compassionate.